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Kyorin Food Industries, Ltd. is a part of the Kamihata Fish Industry Group together with its sister companies namely the Kamihata Fish Industries, Ltd. and the Kyorin Company, Ltd. The history of Kyorin Food Industries, Ltd. as a cultivator of Koi, goldfish and fish diets dates back to 1877 when a Japanese named Tozaemon Kamihata started Koi carp cultivation. In 1946, another Kamihata, Tokichi Kamihata, opened a Koi carp store in Himeji City, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Then in 1961, Shigezo Kamihata established the Kamihata Fish Industries, Ltd. The Kyorin Company, Ltd. was formally established in 1968 to manage the wholesale division of Kamihata Fish Industries, Ltd. The Kamihata Group then established other branches in Japan including Tokyo (1989), Hongkong (1991), China (1999) and Singapore (2001). It has a representative office in the United States under the company name, Hikari USA.

Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd. exhibited their specialty products at the Interzoo Exhibition in 2004 and 2006, which is an international pet business exhibition, at Nuremberg Messe, Germany.